5 Health Benefits of Goji Berry

Goji berries are thought to have a number of health benefits. They originated in Ancient China and are today used to treat kidney, liver, and eye ailments. These red berries are also referred wolfberries. When you eat one, you will get a sweet and somewhat sour taste. They are consumed in their dried state just like raisins.

The following are some of the health benefits of goji berries?

Boosting immunity and protection from flu

When you have a stronger immune system, there is no way you would get frequent flu. Goji berries have a lot of vitamins, which work to boost immunity and protect you against getting the flu.

Preliminary studies on goji berries have revealed that they have the ability to increase the effectiveness of flu vaccines in older mice. What that says is that without goji berries, the flu vaccine wouldn’t be as effective. Goji berries thus act together with the flu vaccine to provide you protection. They cannot work on their own.

Helping you lose weight

Goji berries can help buffer small food servings with extra energy. They have a sweet and rich taste, which makes your food better. These fruits have a very high content of fiber, which you need to include in your diet. You can have goji berries as an option to a light snack so that you don’t overeat when the meal comes. You can as well add some goji berries to your salad or yogurt, just as you use raisins.

They have a very low-calorie count, besides containing very limited sugar. Take one ounce of goji berries and you would have consumed just 23 calories.

A high level of antioxidants

Goji berries have been shown through a number of studies to contain some antioxidants such as zeaxanthin. In fact, goji berries are brightly colored owing to the effects of zeaxanthin.

The work of antioxidants is to protect the cells against breakdown due to exposure to radiation and smoke. In fact, most of the foods with high antioxidant content also have low fat and a high fiber content.

In older adults, increased eating of goji berries has the ability to reduce the development of drusen and hypopigmentation in their eyes.

Maintaining blood sugar

Although sweet in taste, goji berries have a very low sugar content. They can, therefore, lower blood sugar levels, improve your ability to tolerate sugar, help overcome insulin resistance, and improve, as well as recover insulin-producing cells. However, those with low blood sugar should first talk to their doctor before they start taking goji berries. Fun Facts about Goji Berries

Increasing levels of testosterone

For centuries, goji berries have been associated with male sexual fertility. In a preliminary study, goji berries were shown to be able to increase the quality of sperms and movement, quick erections and response during ejaculation, improved libido and boosted levels of testosterone. In fact, some experts say these fruits could be the treatment for erectile dysfunction.

If you haven’t taken goji berries as part of your diet, time is now for you to try them.

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