How to Take Goji Berry

Goji berry is undoubtedly one of the most nutrient-rich fruits which also acts as an herbal medical supplement. Some of their benefits include aiding kidney and liver function, improving vision, and fighting the effects of advancement in age. In some studies, the goji berry has been found to have the ability to improve sleep quality, mental alertness, and digestive health. The reason why it is able to do all that is its high minerals, antioxidants, and vitamins content.  You can east goji berry as a part of a meal or alone.

The following are some of the ways you can take goji berry:

  • The raw fruit. Goji berry is freshest when eaten raw. All you need is a handful of fruits to take you through the day.
  • Goji berry juice. You can take goji berries in the form of juice. Most juice manufacturers make if a 100 percent goji affair with zero color or sugar addition. You can take this as part of your breakfast, lunch or dinner.
  • You can brew tea using goji berries. Here is how to go about it. Take a glass of cold or hot water. Add some goji berries into it and allow it to sit for between 5 and 8 minutes. That should leave the goji berries looking juicy and plumb. As you drink the tea, eat the berries, which are full of healthy antioxidants.
  • To make a goji berry smoothie, take a handful of goji berries and soak them in water. Let it sit for some 10 minutes. See that they have become juicy and plumb. Pick out the berries and add to a preferred smoothie. The berries won’t affect the consistency or taste of the smoothie. You can chew the goji berries as you drink the smoothie.
  • Trail mix. Are you making a trail mix? Add some goji berries to it. Alternatively, you can mix your own. Select a few of the nuts you like the most, some dried fruits, and goji berries. Mix these and you will have a great drink. If you add in some peanut butter and chocolate, you will have an unforgettable trail mix.
  • Are you fond of taking cereal in the morning? You can mix in some goji berries just the same way you do with raisins. It doesn’t matter if it is cold or hot.
  • Muffins and cones. You have definitely come across scones with raisins in them. That is the same way that goji berries can be used to make your pastries sweeter.
  • Goji energy bars. This is the recipe. Take some goji berries and mix them together with half a cup of almonds and some dates in a blender. Once it’s done, roll the mixture into spreads or balls. Dip into a pan of hot oil to make the bars. 5 Health Benefits of Goji Berry
  • Goji with soup. In China, goji berries have been used to make soup for centuries. You can, therefore, borrow that from them and go ahead to make a delicious bowl of soup.

Of course, these are not the only ideas there are for taking goji berries. Be creative and try your own.

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